How to Copy Content from Instagram Clipboard?

When you copy a piece of text, a photo, or a video from your mobile device, that copied stuff is stored on your device’s virtual clipboard; It allows you to paste this to another area. But, if you choose to paste that copied content in an Instagram post, it may not always work.

Instagram is an application that was built to post and share unique content. For that purpose, it doesn’t permit you to paste reproduced photos, video content. However, you have the opportunity to share copied text from the Instagram clipboard to post on regular feed and Stories. Here we tell you how you can do this:

Pasting Text from Clipboard to Instagram Stories

Pasting Text from Clipboard to Instagram Posts

  1. Copy the text, photo, or video you need to post on Instagram from your chosen website or app.
  2. Open the Instagram application on your mobile phone device.
  3. Hit the ‘+’ icon, and pick the content from the gallery you desire to post on Instagram.
  4. When you select a photo or video to post, press the Next button.
  5. Here, you can pick the content to edit or add a filter to it. After you’ve concluded, press Next once again.
  6. Soon, the ‘New Post’ page will arrive. Here, you can address your caption and also can paste the copied content.
  7. Touch and hold the ‘Write a caption…’ area following your photo or video content.
  8. Now, the clipboard will appear. To paste the most newly copied content, tap the Paste option. By touching on the clipboard, you will get to your device clipboard, where you can pick from the previously copied pieces of text.
  9. Following your text has been pasted into the caption area, directly touch Share to stop posting your content.

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